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ONAÍROS in Top 10 of Opening Act™ Competition

(Boyle Heights, CA) August 1, 2022: Popular California-based rock band ONAÍROS is competing in Audacy's huge Opening Act competition. The contest sees bands across the U.S. competing to win the chance to be the opening act for the Hollywood Bowl and win a $10,000 prize. Each week, bands, singers and songwriters are voted on by the public. The act with the most votes by September 15, 2022 will win the competition. ONAÍROS has quickly risen up the ranks and now sits in seventh spot in their group and top 15 in the overall competition! If they win the top prize, ONAÍROS will be the opening act of the Hollywood Bowl concert. Last year's winner opened for Coldplay, Black Eyed Peas, Doja Cat, Kid Laroi, and Shawn Mendes. The winner of the competition also receives massive radio exposure thanks to the contests sponsor, Audacy, formerly known as, which connects with over 170 million consumers each month. The band would also receive a cash prize. Jesse Soriano, the lead singer and songwriter of ONAÍROS has always made charity a foundational cornerstone of his belief. When asked by Opening Act what he would do with the $10,000 prize, Soriano stated he would give most of the prize money away, with $3000 going to @chavelytaspinkhood, a registered 501 (c)(3) Non Profit Foundation with a focus on raising funds and a awareness about cancer, $3,000 to, in honour of Soriano's college friend who died from complications due to Lupus and he would create two $500.00 scholarships for students at Roosevelt High School in Boyle Heights, Soriano's alma mater. “Winning this contest would be so incredible,” explains an excited Jesse Soriano, lead singer songwriter of ONAÍROS. “We're competing against 60 incredibly talented musicians. The competition means so much to us. Not only would the prize be life changing and offer us huge exposure, but the win would also bring awareness to a much wider audience about the non profits and causes we care about giving them a huge boost as well. We were incredibly humbled when we found out that we were in the top 20 of the competition and a week ago we saw that we had made it to the top 15 which is so exciting for us! We love that our fans are the ones helping us race up the ranks and pushing us to win!” Voting for the top 10 ends on Thursday, August 4, 2022 at 8 p.m. PDT. Members of the public can vote online once a day by visiting To stream ONAÍROS latest single, please visit the band's YouTube chanel. For more information about ONAÍROS, their latest releases, upcoming concerts and fundraisers, and to follow the band's exciting progress during the Opening Act competition, please visit To connect with the band on social media, follow Onairosmusic on Facebook and @ONAIROStheband on TikTok and Instagram. -30- For more information, or to arrange an interview, please contact: Jesse Soriano (626)202-2580

ONAÍROS releases an emotional new single dedicated to the memory of a friend who died from Lupus

(Boyle Heights, CA) June 27, 2022: Popular California-based rock band ONAÍROS has released their latest emotional single. Dedicated to the memory of a college friend of lead singer, Jesse Soriano, She Sang...Behold the Shield and the Armor is an impassioned song of remembrance. While in her early 20's, Soriano's friend, Janet Tsang, passed away due to complications from Lupus, a cruel autoimmune disease with a constellation of symptoms that affects more than 1.5 million Americans.


She Sang...Behold the Shield and Armor starts off gentle and folk music-like and slowly builds to a passionate crescendo that moves into a spiritual rock ballad. The lyrics “recreate the future and release the past” intertwines a story of powerful memories of the past mixed with an understanding that there must be an acceptance that the future lies ahead. The song's chorus is a subtle nod to the biblical invocation to submit to the will of God and put on the armor of God and take up the shield of faith. For lead singer and guitarist, Jesse Soriano, who often connects with audiences online not only through his music but through his spiritual beliefs, writing the song was cathartic.


“I called the new album Music Medicine because I wanted to communicate the healing power music can have,” explains Soriano. “For a long time, many of us struggled with the fact that we lost our friend so young. It has been hard not to want to live in the past with the memories and innocence of youth where we couldn't imagine bad things happening to the people we love. It was only through writing the single and producing the album that I was able to put my pain into perspective. We all have to accept that though Janet is gone from our physical presence, she'll always be in our memories and we must, as the song says, accept the shield of faith and the knowledge we'll see her again one day.”


On July 21, 2022, ONAÍROS will release their latest album, Music Medicine. Along with the title track, She Sang...Behold the Shield and Armor, which was officially released on June 19, 2022, will be the previously released single, Think About It.


To stream the latest ONAÍROS single, “She Sang...Behold the Shield and Armor,” please visit Spotify or the band's YouTube channel.


For more information about ONAÍROS, their latest releases, and upcoming concerts and fundraisers, please visit


To connect with the band on social media, follow Onairosmusic on Facebook and @ONAIROStheband on TikTok and Instagram.



ONAÍROS is back with a new release: “She Sang…Behold the Shield and Armor”

June 2022 - ONAÍROS is an artist and songwriter who recently dropped a brand new studio work named “She Sang…Behold the Shield and Armor”. This release offers a spicy, unique and highly dynamic look at the artist’s creative twist, while allowing this performer to keep an open mind and try new creative solutions to make things more interesting and one-of-a-kind. ONAÍROS’s most recent release, “She Sang…Behold the Shield and Armor”, is actually a perfect example of that. “She Sang…Behold the Shield and Armor” is a perfect combination of alternative rock appeal and grunge energy. The intensity of the arrangement tips the hat off to a broad range of influences, including 90s grunge and alternative rock, as well as Caribbean and Latin music, among others. The beautiful blend of styles and influences colliding could be categorized as “spiritual rock,” as the group loves to define their blend of music! This is rock, but it also has some extra emotional and spiritual depth that makes it all the more intriguing and in-depth. If you are a fan of any of the aforementioned artists, ONAÍROS’s music is most definitely something for you to consider. “She Sang…Behold the Shield and Armor” can be a perfect starting point to get into this artist as well! With such a poetic shot at its title, the song feels incredible personal and heartfelt, while still retaining the impact that you would expect from a tight rock unit such as this band! In other words, it’s kind of like honey and bacon on pancakes: you get the best of both worlds, and you simply cannot get enough of it!

The song clocks in at slightly under the 4-minute mark, and it packs quite a punch in the process. 

Ultimately, “She Sang…Behold the Shield and Armor” is highly recommended to rock music fans. In particular, this is going to be right up your alley if you are a fan of artists such as Alice In Chains, Sunny Day Real Estate, Nirvana, Mana, Sublime, Pearl Jam or Audioslave, only to mention a few. One of the most special features of “She Sang…Behold the Shield and Armor” is how ONAÍROS managed to create music that’s delicate, yet also incredibly raw at the same time. The track has all the amazing impact you’d expect from modern rock, along with some soft-spoken and personal lyrics that make the song easy to relate to. The rhythm section is punchy and on-point, while the guitars create a massive wall of sound over the arrangement, while still retaining some melody. ONAÍROS stands out for the introspective, yet driven sound of the vocals, which soar on top of the instruments beautifully. “She Sang…Behold the Shield and Armor” is a perfect introduction to the sound of this band, and if you enjoy bittersweet rock songs with a mid-tempo vibe, this one is absolutely a no-brainer and It would be difficult to come up with anything better to recommend. In addition to the quality of the performance, the song is also driven by a powerful production aesthetics that bring more realness to the mix: the song isn’t “guilty” of an overly slick and artificially polished sound, and this makes the performance of the band stand out.

Find out more about ONAÍROS, and listen to “She Sang…Behold the Shield and Armor” on your favorite digital music streaming services.

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